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Moving Through the Shadow Self, Reprogramming your DNA and a Message from Pleiades

This past week has been insane. Chiron moved into Aries last week, and will be there for the next 9 YEARS? Gulp. (The Wounded Healer, entering the sign of Self) Saturn and Pluto are in Retrograde in Capricorn…Until September…Yeah, swallow that pill. (Reflection of the Reality and Success/Failure/Accomplishments (Capricorn) around our responsibilities, our lifetime, (Saturn)& Read More

Mixed Blood & the Pain of Our Ancestors

Do you have more then one ethnicity? Being mixed is more common then ever, with many people hailing from 5 or more different cultures and traditions. The blends are beautiful, creating incredible combinations of traits that are all so unique to each individual. But what lies deeper beneath the surface? I have found, through my Read More

8 Steps to Healing Toxic Ancestral Patterns

All families have their own issues. It’s unique to each lineage and chances are, the same patterns have been popping up generation after generation. Some have more severe cases with trauma and abuse, others have more subtle hints of manipulation, guilt, and control lurking in-between sentences. It can subconsciously arise out of your own mouth Read More