Ancient Sounds Journey

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Through Native American Flute, Drumming, Song and Light Language, Domanique takes you on an ancient and quantum healing sound journey throughout time that will calibrate your cellular memories and activate new levels of consciousness within your being.  Domanique is a descendant of the Klamath and Yakima Tribes and has been playing the Native flute for 7 years. Participants have claimed to have been transported to other locations, lifetimes and timelines, met spirit animal guides, ancestral guides and more.

Ancient Sounds Journey

Sunday, November 18th 7-8:30pm @ Elemental Apothecary @ 201 N. Ventura St. Ojai, CA (Entrance on Matilija St.) Please bring a yoga mat and pillow/blanket for your experience. You are also welcomed to bring any sacred items to get charged on the altar.


Online Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing webinar (2)
This course will offer basics of crystal healing and an in depth look at how to use them in the 9 Chakra System, so you can deepen your use of crystals in your own healing practice. Crystals are known as the wisdom keepers, the ancient ones and are highly regarded throughout history in many different cultures. Many healers use crystals as tools to aid in their healing practice, and now, it is time for these techniques to be shared so that we can all learn how to honor and work with the crystal people to heal ourselves, each other, and the planet.

In this class you will learn:
– How to Cleanse your Crystals
– 28 Crystals & the 9 Chakra System
– How Shapes Matter
– How to Listen to  Crystal Wisdom

Crystal Healing Course

A 3-hour Online Course + 2 Guided Meditations to deepen your crystal healing knowledge and practice


Crystal Talks – Lemurian Crystals and Legends *FREE!*

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Sunday, November 4th,  2-3pm
@ TheSpaceVTA
1779 E. Main St. Ventura, California

Crystal Grid Workshop

Crystal Grid Workshop

How to construct different types of crystal grids using sacred geometry and how to activate crystal grids with sound and movement. November 4th, 3-4pm @ TheSpace VTA 1779 E. Main St. Ventura, CA


Advanced Crystal Healing

Advanced Crystal Healing Training

This 2-hour course is recommended to be taken after a basic crystal healing class. You will learn how to deepen your practice with crystals and work with them as allies for private sessions on friends, family or in your healing practice. Sunday, November 4th, 4-6pm @ TheSpaceVTA 1779 E. Main St. Ventura, California


This course is designed for those who already have experience working with crystals, or have attended Crystal Healing 101 and want to deepen their knowledge so they can apply crystal healing in their own personal healing practice.

Recommended Pre-requisite: Crystal Healing 101 OR Crystal Healing Online Course


Feminine Crystal Healing Activation

We invite you Sister, to learn how to work with the ancient power of the stone people.

moon circle facilitationIn this course, you will learn the key fundamentals of harnessing crystal energy for healing and wholeness, and which crystals are best to be used during our moon time, fertility, and childbirth, and menopause. Even more powerful, you will learn how to create your own personal crystal grid to activate and unleash your feminine wisdom for manifestation, creation, and abundance. You will learn:
-Which Crystals to use for different stages of the Womb: Maiden, Mother and Crone
-How to intuitively tap into the ancient guidance and information kept within crystals
-How to cleanse them of negative energies
-Creating Crystal Water Essence
-Create and activate a crystal grid for manifestation  

Together, we will activate a feminine Crystal Grid of Healing for all the wombs present on this planet, and connect to the Inner Womb of Gaia.

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