Private Sessions

Intuitive Healing

Are you working through deep-rooted pain, old toxic patterns, or feeling drained?
Do you need additional support in releasing weight laying in your mind, body and soul?

Domanique will gently hold you through your healing process. She combines crystal healing, Reiki, and indigenous sound healing, I can help you release, renew and replenish your soul from the inside out. I work deeply with ancestral healing, subconscious pattern reprogramming, womb healing, conscious conception and pregnancy, 12- strand DNA activation, spirit guide/animal retrieval, and chakra clearing.

Available In Person in Ojai, CA 
Distance Sessions via Zoom/Phone

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Spiritual Guidance

Feeling stuck on the path and not knowing where to go next?
Domanique offers spiritual guidance through medicine card readings and counseling/coaching to help you uncover your true desires and step out of toxic patterns that could be sabotaging your life.

Available In Person in Ojai, CA 
Distance Sessions via Zoom/Phone

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Through the power of the plant King and Queendom, I can help you reach a metabolic reset for your entire body through nutrition and meditation. We get to the roots of addiction, emotional eating and redesigning the way we connect with our food on a mental and spiritual level, I can help you find true alignment and integrity with your body, and manifest the life of our dreams.

It is through my own journey with binging, eating disorders and substance addictions that I have discovered a system that is able to cleanse our bodies through a metabolic reset and integrate intuitive eating and FOOD FREEDOM with the help of organic plant medicines in an easy, modern way that anybody can adopt into their lifestyle.

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