Learn the Basics
The Spiritual Art of Playing Flute

In this 6-week course you will learn:

The Basics: 
Adjust & Retie Your Totem
Proper Finger Placement
Play 5-hole Penatonic Scale
Techniques and Sequences
Playing Songs: 
The Cherokee Morning Song
Reading Flute Music
Create your Own Songs
Plant, Animal and Spirit Guide Songs
The Spiritual Art of Playing the Flute: 
Sound Healing Theory with the Flute
Channeling Your Spirit Songs
Finding your Heart Song
Healing Others with the Flute


Online Course Begins Jan. 15th- Feb. 19th

Lessons will be LIVE Zoom Video Calls
Tuesdays 1 – 2 pm 

[ Replays will be Sent to All Participants via e-mail ]


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It is time to share flute medicine, everybody starts somewhere.  I will take you from the first steps of being a beginner, through intermediate and advanced techniques, and how to play spiritual songs from your own heart, the plants, the animals and your spirit guides. 


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