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Learn the Basics
The Spiritual Art of Playing Flute
In this 6-module Online Course you will learn:
The Basics: 
Adjust & Retie Your Totem
Proper Finger Placement
Play 5-hole Penatonic Scale
Techniques and Sequences
Playing Songs: 
The Cherokee Morning Song
Reading Flute Music
Create your Own Songs
Plant, Animal and Spirit Guide Songs
The Spiritual Art of Playing the Flute: 
Sound Healing Theory with the Flute
Channeling Your Spirit Songs
Finding your Heart Song
Healing Others with the Flute


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Native American Flute Course [Deposit]

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Native American Flute Course [Half OFF!]

It is time to share flute medicine, everybody starts somewhere.  I will take you from the first steps of being a beginner, through intermediate and advanced techniques, and how to play spiritual songs from your own heart, the plants, the animals and your spirit guides. 



Crystal Healing webinar (1)

This course will show you how to honor and communicate with crystals and tune into their wisdom.

You will learn:
+ How to Cleanse & Charge crystals (& what the difference is)
+ What defines a “crystalline”  structure,
+ How to program crystals
+ In depth discovery of 28 different crystals for the 9-chakra system.
+ How to use sound and vibration to unlock ancient crystalline wisdom.

The Course Includes 2 Guided Meditations:
Crystalline Grid – connects you to the crystalline people inside the earth, to ground and activate your body to the crystalline grid of Gaia.

Listen to Crystalline Wisdom – opens your pineal gland to receiving messages from one of your crystals as you go on a journey of remembering.

BONUS ++ You will receive a FREE 30-minute One-on-One Call with me after your completion of the course!

Webinar goes LIVE Sunday, November 4th 12 PM and is available on-demand.

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Crystal Healing Course

A 3-hour Online Course + 2 Guided Meditations to deepen your crystal healing knowledge and practice


Domanique has been studying crystals and minerals for over 8 years from many different teachers all over the world. She is a certified Crystal Healer level II and Reiki Crystal Healing Master. She co-founded a company called Venus Rising Gems where she sourced crystals and then began teaching workshops after sharing her knowledge with others during festivals she would vend at. She is an advocate for the rock people and is honored to share the wisdom she has gathered with you.

Shamanic Sistars Ministry Course


In this Course you will learn how to detoxify your body, mind and spirit through nutritional guidance, meditation, sound and breath work practices. You will receive guidance on setting intentions and integrating your body as a holy temple, how to detoxify glyphosate from your gut, how different types of water effects the pineal gland and advice on how to decalcify your pineal gland. Domanique will guide you on 2 audio meditations with breath work and a Native American flute journey.

Also receive a FREE 30-minute 1-on 1 Wellness Support Session with Domanique before and after the completion of the Course.
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