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The Next Standing Rock in Southern Oregon?

  There is another pipeline that is trying to wiggle its way throughout the nation. It’s called the LNG Pipeline known as the Jordan Cove Project or the Pacific Coast Pipeline. It is a 229-mile pipeline that would carry fracked gas from Colorado, Wyoming or Canada through Southern Oregon, and sacred ancestral grounds of the Read More

Transforming Thanksgiving Atrocities into Heartfelt Healing

Oh, Thanksgiving. This ironic “holiday” that gives Americans an excuse to stuff their fears and insecurities away with sedative food. We’ve been told that we are celebrating a “peacemaking” between Pilgrims and Indians that is a pure fairytale… Iris’ school is (unknowingly) propagating these myths and once again, I’m feeling triggers of anger and disgust Read More

Mixed Blood & the Pain of Our Ancestors

Do you have more then one ethnicity? Being mixed is more common then ever, with many people hailing from 5 or more different cultures and traditions. The blends are beautiful, creating incredible combinations of traits that are all so unique to each individual. But what lies deeper beneath the surface? I have found, through my Read More

Triggered by Columbus Day

I just had to explain to my 4 year old daughter who Christopher Columbus really was, and why we don’t celebrate him. I then continued to explain why, instead, we celebrate our ancestors and the other Native tribes from Turtle Island. It was painful to try and explain homicidal atrocities to a 4 year old Read More