We are Here to Rise


Hello Dear One,

I am here to help you balance the waters within your body, mind, and spirit.

You are here to step into your divinity, to let go of your baggage and rise into your unique essence.

We are here to rise together, and I am so honored to share this medicine with you.

Intuitive Healing | Spiritual Guidance | Embodiment

Are you working through deep rooted pain, old toxic patterns, or feeling drained?

Do you need additional support in releasing weight laying in your mind, body and soul?

Feeling stuck on the path and not knowing where to go next?

Workshops & Group Work

I offer Crystal Healing Workshops, Native American flute and drum journeys and Women’s Circles in Southern California. I also offer private indigenous sound journeys for groups that are looking to dive deep together.

Crystal Healing Webinar

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LIVE Online Course
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In this Course, you will learn how to detoxify your body, mind and spirit through nutritional guidance, meditation, sound and breath work practices. You will receive guidance on setting intentions and integrating your body as a holy temple, how to detoxify glyphosate from your gut, how different types of water effects the pineal gland and advice on how to decalcify your pineal gland. Domanique will guide you on 2 audio meditations with breath work and a Native American flute journey.

++ Receive a FREE 30-minute 1-on 1 Wellness Support Session with Domanique before and after the completion of the Course.

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~ Bio ~

Domanique Luna Blackwolf is a Water Protector, Native American flutist, channel of divine shakti embodiment and a crystal healing enthusiast. She offers crystal healing workshops, leads ceremonies and guided meditations for others to connect with the spirit realm.  As a descendant of the Klamath Tribes of Crater Lake, Oregon, she is an advocate for the sacred honoring of the water spirits, and is here to help bring humanity back into balance with the waters of our bodies and in turn, our planet. She began practicing shamanism and playing the Native American Flute in 2011, and intuitively channels music from the spirit realm as she plays.

Domanique has been leading Women’s Moon Circles since 2014 where she creates a sacred container for women to dive deep into themselves and honor their wombs with the support of their spirit guides, ancestors and each other.  She founded Venus Rising, where she offers healing crystals, jewelry and conscious clothing online and at local stores in Southern California. She has been studying crystals and their medicine since 2011 and is honored to share her discoveries with others in her Crystal Healing Workshops and Webinars.

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womens circle burning man

Women’s Moon Circle at Burning Man 2015

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