Month: April 2018

Moving Through the Shadow Self, Reprogramming your DNA and a Message from Pleiades

This past week has been insane. Chiron moved into Aries last week, and will be there for the next 9 YEARS? Gulp. (The Wounded Healer, entering the sign of Self) Saturn and Pluto are in Retrograde in Capricorn…Until September…Yeah, swallow that pill. (Reflection of the Reality and Success/Failure/Accomplishments (Capricorn) around our responsibilities, our lifetime, (Saturn)& Read More

April is Blooming!

April marks the first full month of spring!  The rains came last month and quenched the thirst of the Earth after our region has been dry and scorched. I swear I can feel the mountains and trees taking a huge sigh of relief. Spring has sprung and I feel my sacral chakra buzzing with inspiration, Read More