Day: October 7, 2017

The *Best* (Vegan) Green Tea Smoothie

Now first off, I’m not a vegan…but this smoothie is. (I am dairy-free though 🙂 I have experience working in 2 different smoothie shops. You could say I know my way around a blender… I have adapted some of the high sugar smoothies you may think are healthy (but are really just skyrocketing your blood Read More

Healing the “Daddy” Wound

This one is for the kinky ladies out there. Have you ever screamed out “Oh Daddy!” in bed, and have no idea why? You certainly don’t have the hots for your father, nor are you imagining your lover as him. ….at least I don’t. But maybe your lover is what you’ve always wished your Dad Read More

10 Nutritional Kid Friendly Food Ideas + Tips for the Health Conscious Parent

Healthy kid approved meals are no walk in the park. Taste buds change and get corrupted by unaware relatives, school or friends houses. Not to mention the societal approval of candy during Easter, Halloween and Christmas. So how do we counter this sugar obsessed culture at home without our children loathing our healthy food? We Read More